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Since nowadays, we tend to perform many tasks on autopilot, our social life tends to suffer from that as well. Many of us can relate to listening to a friend talk about something important, while your mind wanders elsewhere, but you still pretend to be active in the conversation and even give small replies. When the conversation ends, you try to remember what your friend was talking about, but your mind is totally blank since you were there only physically but not mentally, 


Not being present and actively listening to people is unfortunately very common nowadays. And it doesn’t even matter how important the conversation or the person is, you still catch your mind wandering off sometimes. And the constant connection to our phones and being available everywhere all the time doesn't help to keep our focus on the people that truly matter to us.


As you’ve probably guessed, mindfulness provides a great way of bringing your concentration on every important conversation that you’ll have. By bringing your full awareness to what the other person is saying and how they are saying it, you are less likely to drift off and much more likely to improve every relationship in your life. 


As human beings, we are also wired to judge social situations and other people in ways we might not be aware of. Social psychology teaches us how our brain prefers to save energy, by repeating the same patterns of judgment towards people and situations that we are already used to. This leaves little room for alterations and before we know it, we can become one of those grumpy people who look at the world in a specific manner. 


By bringing your full awareness into every social situation you encounter, you are less likely to let your brain judge the situations in its old patterns and more likely to look at the world with an open mind and curious attitude. Here’s why being aware of the present moment is so important – imagine if everyone remembered to be mindful.


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And most importantly - remember to be mindful

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