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Mental Health
Image by Ryan Moreno

Our fast-paced lives and doing many things on autopilot, often makes us forget to check in with ourselves, our feelings, and emotions from time to time. Mindfulness is proven to improve the overall mental health and even mild forms of depression and anxiety just to name a few. 

The majority of us (myself included) are very goal-oriented and we constantly strive for efficacy in achieving them. Many of us can agree that there are not enough hours in our days and we often think that time is going so fast. We tend to get caught up in our thoughts, not noticing our lives passing by around us every day. We can often find ourselves having done something or gotten somewhere without even realizing since our whole process/journey happened totally on autopilot, with our mind wandering elsewhere.


Long term effects of such a way of living our lives tend to take a toll on our mental health. Burnout, depression, and anxiety are becoming more and more common nowadays. And the lack of mindfulness in our everyday lives is a frequent cause. 


Scientists have proven that by being mindful, you become less prone to developing mental health problems related to our fast-paced lives. This can be done in many ways, such as by meditating, practicing yoga, or even just bringing your awareness to the present moment throughout your day.


Mindfulness has also been scientifically proven to alleviate the symptoms of mild forms of depression and anxiety as well as aid in the case of burnout. It can be done in lots of different ways, and it doesn’t require you to sign up for expensive yoga courses or meditation workshops.


By stepping out of our thoughts and bringing our awareness to the present moment throughout our busy days, we have the power to influence our mental health in a very positive manner. As you start doing it, you’ll notice how much life has to offer and you will not feel as though time is just passing you by. You will be in control of your own life, time, and especially your emotions. 


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And most importantly - remember to be mindful

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