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Get to Know me
  • MSc Medical Science with the major in Bioentrepreneurship

  • Yoga Teacher within Vinyasa Krama

  • Mindfulness Coach

  • Studying the second year (of 3 years) of Therapist program within integrative psychology, majoring in Psychosynthesis

  • Energy Healing Practitioner within Kabira Energetics

  • Moved to Åre (a ski resort in norther Sweden) two years ago from Stockholm to work full-time with yoga and personal development

  • Has a background working within medical device- and pharmaceutical industries


My story-
Laura Kurapkaite

I am a yoga teacher, energy healer and have a background in medical sciences. I am also currently studying to become a therapist within integrative psychology, with the basis in psychosynthesis.


Currently, I’m chasing my dreams & following my passion while trusting that things will work out.


It hasn’t always been this way and it took a long journey (that never really ends) to get to where I am today.


I used to be a person who only tried to intellectualize every situation and didn’t believe in anything that couldn’t be proven & backed by hard science. I also pushed myself beyond my limits of which I was completely unaware of and let my trauma responses to unconsciously dictate my life.


At one point in my life, I noticed that the yoga classes I had been attending only for the physical benefits of increasing mobility also started helping me shift my mindset & connect to myself more. As I started feeling more at peace with myself, I also noticed that diffuse physical problems that I was experiencing due to high stress (of which I wasn’t aware of myself) started diminishing. 


Having my background in biomedicine, I started doing my own intense research and connecting the dots between mind-body-soul in my own healing.


As I started going deeper into myself through yoga and mindfulness, my body started feeling safer in uncovering things about myself that I had buried deep within my unconsciousness. Going to therapy as well as energy healing helped me connect with myself on a deeper level and release blockages from my body to recreate free flow of energy.


My passion has always been in helping others, but my life hasn’t always looked the way it does now. I have had full-time, high-performing jobs within medical science companies until I got burnt out and with the great support of therapy, energy healing, yoga and mindfulness gathered the strength to cave my own path.


 At the moment I am beyond grateful to live surrounded by mountains and nature in northern Sweden and be able to help others holistically in my everyday life through teaching yoga, mindfulness, holding energy healings and studying to become a therapist.

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