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Energy Healing + coaching

online & in-person


I offer intuitive energy healing, based on Kabira Energetics, which blends Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Shamanic practices, Barnara Brennan school and more. In this holistic form of therapy, the subtle signals from the whole body are listened to and cared for, in order to help you release old blockages and stress, and restore the natural flow of energy in your body.

Energy healing is soft and gentle type of healing, treating the nervous system, stress and physiological symptoms. It reminds your body of its own, inner healing capacity by holistically restoring natural flow of energy and removing old blockages that no longer serve you.

By coming into deeper contact with your body and its energy, you start noticing the subtle signals that arise. This gives you the ability to become your body's own best friend.

Get in contact with your needs and become better at setting healthy boundaries.
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Interested to know how a session goes?

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Each session can be done online or in person, and includes a 5-10 min coaching via phone call the day after a session. During the phone call we talk about what came up for you and me during the session and your focus onwards.

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Stress and trauma - both physical and psychological - can create blockages in the body and mind, which can express themselves as:

  •  stiffness in muscles or joints

  •  pain in various parts of the body

  •  trouble sleeping

  •  headache

  •  trouble with focus

  •  indigestion, IBS

  •  hormonal imbalances

  •  anxiety

  •  fatigue

  •  depression

  •  weakened immune system

And many more.

This type of energy healing, based on Kabira Energetics, with the elements of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, as well as Shamanic- and other practices, stimulates the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and can help you with the symptoms mentioned above.

There is no 'putting in' energy. I simply follow the energy in your field and hold space for the things that call for attention, or are ready to be released in your physical, emotional, and energetical body.


This energy healing can be used as means of prevention, treatment or rehabilitation.


Remember to also always consult with your doctor if you have any of the abovementioned symptoms.

What to expect

I work intuitively and adapt each session based on your needs. Every session is unique and can either involve a light touch, or hands-off approach.

A session is 60-90 min long. I recommend wearing comfortable clothes to truly be able to relax. If you are doing the session online, make sure you find a place where you can be undisturbed throughout the healing.

During the session, you will lay comfortably on your back and I will hold space for what is ready to come up. I follow the natural flow of your energy and let it guide me to what needs and is ready to be released. The craniosacral part focuses on restoring the natural flow of energy in your body and the other methods that I use also involve work in your energy field. I don't place any energy in your body, but instead hold space for your energy system to reconnect and restore the natural flow so that self-healing can occur. You may feel like you are in-between sleep and wakefulness, similarly to doing Yoga Nidra, or even fall asleep if that's what your body needs at the moment.

I will check in with you for a 5-10 min call one day after the healing and answer your questions, as well as discuss what has come up. This is to give your energy system time and space to integrate what has happened energetically, before we put it into words.

Book a time

Please specify in the message whether you would like to receive a session online, or in-person, at Spiragården Åre, Sweden

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