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Who runs Remindful by Laura?

Hi there! My name is Laura Kurapkaite and I am a Mindfulness coach, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer based on Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy as well as hold a MSc in medical science.

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I  used to think I thrived in fast-paced environments and slowing down felt boring.

Over time, I learned that my body was used to be in constant fight-or-flight mode only because it was used to that and resting felt unusual and unsafe.

As I tried some yoga classes at the gym, I noticed how much calmer and more grounded I felt after each class. I became kinder to myself and was able to unwind deeper from my day. The process of exploring yoga sparked my curiosity to deepen my experience and opened my heart to trust the feeling and see where it guided me.

As I started meditating and deepened my yoga practice, I quickly noticed whole new layers of myself unraveling. I noticed how I could observe my thoughts, feelings, and emotions from a distance, and it became obvious to me that they are simply somethings that we have and can experience, but that our core being is so much deeper than that.

Mindfulness and yoga have opened a whole new view of the world for me, getting me on a deep inner journey of self-discovery. It has helped me unblock my true self layer by layer, by stripping away the conditioning I received growing up and liberating me from a strong identification with my thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

I’ve always been passionate about health and the way the human body works, which was the reason why I chose to study medical sciences and psychology at the university. Learning how the body works on a molecular level and how all the systems in our bodies collaborate to create optimal health has been very motivational for me to also take care of my own health in a holistic way.


Throughout my life I’ve experienced severe issues with digestion as well as had very strong allergies, skin sensitivities and hormonal imbalances.


Although I got some help from regular healthcare with managing my symptoms, I quickly noticed that they didn’t solve the core issues. I always loved to dig deeper, finding root causes, and trying to fix them. When I create optimal conditions for my body thrive, it heals itself.

There are so many ways to heal and the combination of several ones can give the most profound effects!


Through therapy, energy healing, yoga, meditation as well as changing my diet and exercise regime, I started witnessing and experiencing much more profound results than I could ever expect.


All this made me extremely passionate about holistic health.


By taking care of my body holistically and digging deep into the root causes, I no longer have issues with my stomach, my allergies and skin sensitivities are almost gone, and my hormones are in balance. Nowadays, when things go out of balance in my body, I can usually pinpoint the event that has caused it and what I can do to make it better. Thanks to yoga and mindfulness, I feel deeply connected to my physical body.


All this, however, cannot exclude a deep inner journey, which deepens the connection with our true self and our body. From my own experience with burnout, I’ve taught my body that it is safe to rest and relax, instead of running through my days like we do in our modern society and in this way learned to listen to the more subtle signals my body had been sending me all along. Therapy and energy healing have given me profound effects in this.

I’ve been learning how to live with my body rather than against it.

Getting to know my own energy field has been a profound piece in a puzzle of teaching my body to stay safe in relaxation as well as teaching myself that it is safe to be in my body. The type of energy healing that I do is based on biodynamic craniosacral therapy, which is a form of healing that helps you to remove blockages, in order to recreate the healthy flow. Your body learns how to thrive and creates conditions for self-healing.


I love to inspire people to cherish our lives and learn how to be truly present, as well as take care of our minds and bodies in the way that truly works individually each of us.


My sessions are focused around mindfulness, finding balance in life, self-compassion, stress management and burnout, boundary setting and holistic health, all combines with ancient philosophies. I have also studied one year of psychology at university and have a great passion for psychosynthesis and holistic approach to psychology, which I love to incorporate in my work.

Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to connect!

Lots of love and remember to be mindful 

/Laura Kurapkaite

Contact Me: 

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