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Fresh Produce

The vast variety of food options we have in our Western society today offers us endless possibilities. However, it also leads to confusion and overeating, or not getting enough nutrients as processed food is so much more easily accessible. 


It is wired in our brain, back from our hunter-gatherer days, that we prefer to have food that’s most calorie-dense because we did not know when we would be lucky enough to get food again. Today, however, most of us don’t have such problems anymore. We have quite the opposite problem of having too much food available to us. 

By understanding our innate and unconscious calorie-dense food preferences, and getting more actual science-backed information of what's great for us, we can alter the way we choose our meals to more nutrient-dense options.


Our fast-paced lives also contribute to the fact that we tend to choose less healthy options due to their easy accessibility, especially when we are very hungry. However, bringing your awareness throughout the day and recapping to what your body actually needs, we can change these unconscious impulses to conscious choices of alternatives that are rich in nutrients and are truly good for our bodies. 


Stay tuned for my blog updates on science-backed evidence of how to be mindful of the food we eat, what to eat in the first place and how our food choices affect our eating habits and nutrition and don't forget to subscribe to my mailing list.

And most importantly - remember to be mindful

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