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Image by Kuma Kum

Nowadays, the overflow of information in all aspects of life, literally about everything, makes us certainly empowered to make our own choices in life. If we suspect something wrong with our bodies, we most likely will Google our symptoms and self-diagnose a million times before going to the doctor. We can always find videos explaining things like why the Keto diet is amazing for you, or how it's so much more effective to grow your muscles on a vegan diet on Youtube. And then we can go on talking some knowledge into our friends, because your favorite Youtuber said this diet or this way of living is the best one, so your friend should definitely try it too, right?


This is where it gets complicated. With lots of information concerning our wellbeing and health available for us, we not only are very empowered but can also easily get confused. There are crazy amounts of different diets to follow, all saying that they are the right ones, so many different ways to train for a long, healthy, and happy life and a great body, so many daily habits to consider and so much misinformation out there.


As I am highly passionate about this subject - being mindful of where your sources are coming from - I decided to include this in my blog, since I believe that having the right knowledge is essential in this day and age of overflow of information. I've been happily advocating for this with my friends and family for a long time and am always critical to where the new trends especially in wellness are coming from and even more importantly, who's actually sponsoring them?


So stay tuned for my blog updates on how to be mindful of where you get your information and why you are following specific advice and don't forget to subscribe to my mailing list.


And most importantly - remember to be mindful

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